Exclusive interior packages customized design in terms of both eco,finish, ideas and budget too.

Completion of work in 45 days time or we will pay rent.

Multiuse design of the furniture,providing space saving and different uses in different angles.

Attractive designs from architects in tied up company.

Since we are not outsourcing the making of furniture ,we can provide it in the competitive pricing.

Wallpaper, Curtains and Flooring can be done as supporting services with Wide range of colours.

We believe in 100% transparency, no hidden costs.

Get free design, you only have to pay for the furniture and the design is on us.

EMI, Warranty and Competitive pricing.


1 BHK - INR 1,67,500 1 BHK - INR 1,78,000
2 BHK - INR 2,32,000 2 BHK - INR 2,48,000
3 BHK - INR 2,75,000 3 BHK - INR 2,94,000